Save and Improve Lives Through Education and Talent Development

Maji Mazuri is committed to creating lasting change and helping more people reach their full potential. One way Maji Mazuri is saving and improving lives is through youth empowerment with education and talent development.…

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Do A Little Big Thing

Everyone can do something to help. Even you. Especially you. Help us empower people to create extraordinary change. Learn about 7…

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Kenya 3

Help with Headstart School Construction

Located in the heart of Mathare Valley, the school has a population of 509 pupils. These are children from the area,…

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Programs Community Development

Enable Economic Empowerment

Change a life today with just $25‎ The ability to make an honest living is crucial to self respect. With such an income comes the ability to feed and educate your children, and guide them as they grow to become…

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Join a global community of visionaries and world-changers. Invite a few friends over to your home for an evening of uncommon conversation and contribution… then commit to do something truly outside yourself so you…

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Grow Our Organic Farm

Everyone has hopes for their future, their families, and their communities. These hopes can be as simple as the opportunity to…

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Take a Life-changing Trip

The powerful thing about taking action is you change the world and the world has a chance to change you. Through hands-on work experience, you’ll get the opportunity to expand your worldview, gain leadership skills, empathy, compassion,…

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Sponsor a child 2 majimazuri

Sponsor a Child

Give a Child a Head Start in Health, Hope and Education. You can make lasting change in a child’s life by helping provide nutrition, health, childhood development and education –…

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