Youth and Talent

By Janet Kabue

George OkothBeing born and raised in Mathare slum, Maji Mazuri has transformed me positively in different aspects of life. My transformation from a shy boy with low self esteem to a confident and motivated young man has really made me outstanding in all the places I go. As the last born son in a family of nine members, it has always been my responsibility to care and protect my younger siblings due to absence of my older brothers who are in their homes.

My passion for writing music and voice over for documentaries has pushed me into learning about the camera basics, shooting clips, editing and photography as well. Some of my work is evident in the Maji Mazuri Youth Group Multi Media archive.

The favorite work of my hands is on Youtube “Against_All_Odds” by Oluoch Okoth. This video put me in the lime light and has motivated me to teach some of the interested members of the youth group about the camera.                    – George


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