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In fact it partly Weston who really lifts the album above the average, his slide brightening up Emerald Eyes and Why and a flamenco solo adorning Keep On Going. It a shame that he didn contribute any songs as by his own admission he felt unworthy in the presence of Welch and Christine McVie contributions. He balances perfectly against Welch jazzy rhythm chords and it a shame that ultimately things went the way they did (see below)..

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The real town of Greenfield, Iowa, becomes the fictional town of Eagle Rock, Iowa, which is offered $25 million by a tobacco company if the townspeople can abstain from smoking for 30 days. Reverend Brooks (Dick Van Dyke) frantically tries to keep Eagle Rock smoke free while tobacco company executives scheme to get citizens to light up. The comedy was written and directed by Norman Lear and also stars Pippa Scott, Edward Everett Horton, Jean Stapleton, Vincent Gardenia, Tom Poston, Barnard Hughes and a handful of Greenfield residents as extras..

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