Update on the Maji Mazuri Projects in Mathare

By Janet Kabue

Headstart Academy in Mathare Valley

The school has been progressing very well in its activities.The academic progress of all pupils is very good and teachers have been working tirelessly to maintain high academic performance for all pupils.Pupil in Class in Mathare

This has led to huge pupils’ population growth from 402 pupils in January this year to 538 pupils to date.

The growth has also been attributed to the impact of the school feeding program which ensures every pupil gets a meal in the school. This has also reduced absenteeism and improved the pupils’ academic performance.

On the other hand the growth has posed a challenge in the school’s ability to accommodate the increased numbers and even admit more pupils. The school building which is a storey building made of timber and iron sheets has been reinforced and needs to be constructed into a permanent structure, which will also be spacious enough for the growing numbers.

Pupils in Class in Mathare

This will create space for more classrooms and open opportunities to more children from the community to access education.

The school also greatly needs support to continue feeding these pupils. The rising cost of food is a challenge.

The extra co-curriculum departments are doing very well and pupils actively participate in sports, music and drama activities under the talent development clubs.


ICT Training Centre

ICT Training for Youth in MathareThe ICT Centre continues to offer opportunities to youth from Mathare valley and its environs in ICT skill training. Since January this year the training Centre has enrolled 140 youth for the training. The program empowers these youth with competent ICT skills and helps them connect to the formal employment opportunities.

During the training the youth are also equipped with life skills to enable them overcome other life challenges and socialize well with others. The training also incorporates entrepreneurship training to equip the youth with skills on how to start their own small business and run them successfully.



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