Update on Maji Mazuri Kiserian Farm

By Janet Kabue

Currently there are several activities going on the farm.

1. Tomato Farming

Tomato farming has been a successful activity at the farm. This season the farm produced a highly commendable yield.

Tomatoes at the Greenhouse Tomatoes at the Greenhouse in Kiserian Tomatoes Harvested at the Greenhouse in Kiserian Tomatoes






2. Bell Pepper (capsicum) Farming

Bell Peppers are also growing at the farm and currently being harvested.

Bellpeppers at the Farm Greenhouse Bellpeppers at the Farm fully grown Bellpeppers at the Farm






3. Livestock Farming

The farm has reduced the number of cows to a manageable number. The three cows now produce fourteen liters of milk per day. The farm also has rabbits, turkeys, geese and guinea pigs on small scale.

Cows feeding at the Farm Cow at the Farm Calf at the Farm





4. Vegetables, Hay Farming and Tree Planting

Student planting a tree at Kiserian School Pupil planting a tree at Kiserian School Hay Fence and Trees Planted







Other agricultural activities on the farm include hay farming, bananas and cabbage farming which is also still in its initial stage.

The Maji Mazuri Kiserian Schools Environmental Project: Maji Mazuri schools in Kiserian have partnered with Tour De Afrique to plant 1300 trees at the school, with the aim of conserving the environment and sensitizing the community on the importance of trees. The children at the schools, together with members of the Green heroes planted the trees and held talks on the importance of environmental conservation.

The children were excited about the project and gained better understanding of the roles the tree play in keeping the air clean, preventing erosion, providing shade and their role in the rain cycle.

Pupils at Kiserian School holding the TreeS Students and Members of the Green Heroes

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