Update on Maji Mazuri Children’s Centre

By Janet Kabue

Maji Mazuri Children’s Centre continues to get love from the society. In the first week of May the Milele group of Salons visited the Centre to Visitors to the Children's Centreshave, plait and groom the children. This was a great expression of love and the children enjoyed every moment of it. The children were also treated to a Pizza Fest for children with special needs. It was a fun filled day marked by games, music, and dance.

Two orphans from the children’s Centre were successfully admitted to high schools in various parts of the country.

Friends of the Children’s Centre also donated a year supply of diapers. Children's day out

Maji Mazuri Children’s Centre appreciates the generous giving by all the friends of Maji Mazuri who ensure that the children have enough supplies of food, clothes and other needs at the children’s centre.

The Physiotherapy Department in Maji Mazuri Children Center continues to improve day by day Thanks to The Catholic International Community. The department initially did not have enough physiotherapy equipment; the physiotherapy room is now more equipped to serve our children and special needs children from the community.

Wanjiku mentoring Students

Dr Wanjiku Kironyo, the Executive Director, has been hosting the children of Maji Mazuri during the school breaks for mentorship and counseling sessions. The children love the sessions and look forward to the two day camp during every school break.

Progress Highlight: The Sponsorship Program, supported by friends of Maji Mazuri locally and InternationallyGiggs at a Physiotherapy Session in Class has enabled children like Ryan, to turn their lives around.

Ryan joined Maji Mazuri Children’s Centre in 2013 for rescue, therapeutic exercises and academic activities. He has never let the challenges he had stop him. With the help of class activities the teacher introduced him to basic learning based on real objects, where he was able to identify different pictures and objects. Through rote method of learning, he now speaks and is also able to hold a pencil and scribble, hand paint, identify real objects and numbers. He is very joyous and expresses himself through the manipulation of various materials. His physiotherapy activities started in July 2013 and he is now able to joyfully move from the classroom to the open ground. Maji Mazuri appreciates your generous support towards the sponsorship program, which is making a lasting positive impact in the lives of the children.

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