Update on Maji Mazuri Children’s Centre

By Janet Kabue

The Children’s Centre has had a good mid year. Volunteers from Cambridge, United Kingdom were able to join the Maji Mazuri projects for a number of tasks from painting a mural in one of the Prevocational classrooms at the Centre, tutoring the Beneficiaries pursuing formal educational and assisting in the Special needs classroom, physiotherapy, general administrative tasks and general care of the beneficiaries.

Over the AugustNicholas School break, our very own Alumni Nicholas Oiko visited the Children’s Centre with his family; wife and two children, Nikita and Freddie. He was able to counsel and give a motivational talk to the children in regards to pursuing their education with determination hard work and taking up the opportunity granted to them by Maji Mazuri to the best of their abilities.

Nicholas remains a big motivation to the Children and is a hope of a better to life to come if they utilize the opportunities (education) presented to them well.

Nicholas, one of the first children to live in the Centre,  completed a degree course at Kenyatta University in English Literature.  Following successful operations, Nicholas was able to walk with crutches. He teaches at a High School in Khwisero, Kakamega County in Kenya.

Peter Njogu another counselor a former teacher was also able to give guidance and counseling and they asked a lot of questions regarding success which was symbolic of the children’s inner self drive to have a successful life which will see them be a beacon of hope for their families and relatives.

The August School break also saw two beneficiaries reconnected with their relatives/guardians.

The two have been in the Centre since the late 90’s and have not had access to their families nor relatives due to various circumstances in their lives. This is a big step towards Group photo reintegration and later on resettling with their guardians. The biggest success of it all is that they will have been rehabilitated and will have better opportunities than when they came to the Centre with both education and skills meaning a better all rounded individual.

Our Director Dr. Wanjiku Kironyo was also featured in Parents Magazine in an article Phenomenal Woman which shows that we are also being recognized for the work that we continue to do. This goes a long way to sensitize the public of the needs of People Living with Disabilities (PWDs).

The National Council of People with disabilities is now very vigilant in assisting in educational support of children with special needs. Friends of Maji Mazuri in the Facebook Group I Support Maji Mazuri Children’s Home continue to bring in new friends to the Centre which has gone along way to ensure our basic needs like food, utility bills, diapers are met. Sustenance of the vulnerable children like orphans and the mentally and physically challenged has continued to be made possible by you and I. Thank you for making a difference.

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