Update on Maji Mazuri Children’s Centre, Kasarani

By Janet Kabue

The Children’s Centre is home to 46 Special Needs, Orphans and Vulnerable Children. The children continue to receive care, education, Pre-vocational Skills training, Physiotherapy and the comfort & safety of a home. The Children’s Centre currently has ten orphans and vulnerable children in High school. The Reintegration Programme is also doing well, where the Children’s Centre has been tracing guardians of the Children and reuniting them where possible. The main aim is to cultivate a connection with the Community through families.

The Children’s Centre also has a full time Physiotherapist who is attending to the Children at the Children’s Centre and from the surrounding Community.

Maji Mazuri Childrens Centre

Saying goodbye
Maji Mazuri bid farewell to Stephen Omondi who passed away after a road accident on 1st March 2016. Rescued at the age of 7, Stephen had been in Maji Mazuri for 11 years; he was in his final year of High School and was looking forward to joining college. We were deeply saddened by his death and also grateful that we got to have a positive impact in his life.


Thank you for Making a Difference!

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