Unleash The Power of Social Entrepreneurship

By Maji Mazuri

Invest in market-based solutions to catalyze change, empower people and end poverty

microfinance-Invest in market-based solutions to catalyze change, empower people and end povertyThe Maji Mazuri team has always been passionate about the power of market-based models to fight global poverty. While working with constituents and program participants it is clear that the ability to make an honest living is crucial to self respect. With such an income comes the ability to feed and educate your children, and guide them as they grow to become fully rounded contributors to society. Wanjiku had this critical insight over 20 years ago and started the micro-lending in 2001. Since then the program has expanded rapidly to include Mavuno Youth, an initiative that assists youth at risk with entrepreneurship training and loans.
At Maji Mazuri, our goal is to develop, not just small business owners trying to keep their heads above the water, but world-changing entrepreneurs in commerce, technology, healthcare and consumer products that meet real needs in our community.

We remain committed to our cause, alleviating poverty by empowering people to transform their own lives and seek sustainable social value with business, and capacity development. We believe business must play a leading role in solving the world’s most challenging social problems. There is a lot of experimentation as we figure out for-profit models that serve people at the bottom half of the world’s economic pyramid: low-income laborers, farmers and families, as well as small businesses in underserved markets.

We are passionate about solving challenging, often intractable socio-economic problems through social enterprise and technology with the careful application of new business models for emerging markets and beyond.

We combine a passion for social entrepreneurship and change with innovative solutions.

We would love to have you as a partner as we develop new innovative market-based models and transformative special projects. Support this cause with your tax deductible donation.

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