The New Talent Programme Equipment & It’s Impact On The Youth & Talent Development.

By Janet Kabue

Early this year, the Projects Coordinator of Maji Mazuri Projects in Mathare, Daniel Wambua announced in one of the Sunday meetings normally held at the ICT Training Centre that the group had received funds that will help develop in its various spheres of talent by acquiring new equipment.

The group has various clubs that focus on the promotion and development of  different talents. Three specific clubs benefited from the programme:

  1. Art Club
  2. Multimedia Club
  3. Poetry Club which also has a music band known as HAYAWI, an acronym for `Having Your Answers Within`

Art Club.

The art club which is led by Donald Barasa was able to acquire a good number of art materials. They include sets of paint brushes, palettes, sets of water color paints, acrylic paints,& papers for drawing & painting on(Manila & Embossed Papers). The equipment will enable the club to practice more often and improve greatly on their aptitude since the club lacked them before. Most importantly they will enable the artists to generate income from sales that they will be making from their artwork. This eventually will enable them to improve their lives in that they will be able to fend for themselves and also assist others financially where they can.

Art club1 Artclub







These photos depict artwork done by the  art club members.

Multimedia Club

The multimedia club was another beneficiary of the new equipment. The equipment  purchased for this club include a sound mixer, two loud speakers, camera stand & a reflector. According to the club’s leader Daniel Otina, this equipment will be of great gain to the club in various ways. One way is they can use them to develop their talents and also  generate funds to sustain the group by offering their services& skills to ceremonies like weddings, parties, & outdoor meetings. By doing this they develop self – reliance and grow since they will be able to meet their own needs & even the needs of others.

Multimedia2 Multimedia Multimedia3





These  pictures show the club leader Daniel (on the camera) with his fellow club members trying out the new equipment.

Poetry Club.

The poetry club which is composed of a five member music band(HAYAWI) also had a piece of the pie. They were glad to have acquired a bass guitar, a mic stand, two wireless microphones, a sound mixer & two loud speakers. This has seen the band better their rehearsals in that they can now have a professional like presentation. Apart from that, the members have also had the opportunity to learn& play a new musical instrument, the bass guitar as well as operating the P.A. (Public Address) system. This has greatly  motivated the group.

Poetry2 Poetry1






In the  pictures above, the group is trying out their new musical instruments before they begin their regular training.

In conclusion, acquiring the equipment has been a wise investment in that it will lead to the growth of the youth’s talents as they soar to greater heights and also the lives of the individuals. This generous move has been warmly received by the whole Maji Mazuri Youth Group who are very thankful to the sponsors.


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