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By Janet Kabue

Updates on Maji Mazuri Projects- August 2017
Maji Mazuri Children’s Centre: Maji Mazuri children’s Centre continues to support 42 children who receive care, physiotherapy, education and life skills training. 23 are special needs children, 2 are in primary school, 15 are in different high schools around the country and 2 are in college.
Maji Mazuri Children's Centre
The children resident at the Children’s Centre receive education through the individual education program (I.E.P). A lot of improvement have been noted within the last three months especially in classroom activities, receiving regular physiotherapy plays a great role in this. The physiotherapy department has been upgraded with modern equipment such as wheelchairs, mobility aids, standing aids.

We have five special needs children from the surrounding community who come for physiotherapy services at the Children’s Centre.

Thank you for continuing to support the Children’s Centre

Maji Mazuri Kiserian Farm: Ten Acres of the farm are currently under lease and Maji Mazuri staff are farming one acre of land. Two of the three cows are expectant.
Maji Mazuri Kiserian Farm
Maji Mazuri Projects in Mathare Valley
Headstart Academy

The school currently has a population of 545 pupils, and runs classes from baby class to class eight. Besides offering basic education the school continues to offer a meal a day to all the pupils. This motivates the pupils to attend school without absenteeism which helps them improve their academic performance.
The school continues to nurture the pupil’s talent through different co-curriculum programs such as sports, music and poetry clubs. Through the support of Dignitas project the school managed to support all the 545 pupils with new full school uniform this July.
Maji Mazuri Headstart School
The school is in the process of fundraising for a new permanent school building which will create space for more children to join our school since the current school structure which is temporary cannot take more pupils. This has denied many children an opportunity to access basic education since they cannot afford to join other private schools. The school also needs support in the feeding program, stationeries, child sponsorship and staff salaries.

Teen’s group: The teen’s group talent program continues to shine to the national level through their poetry team which currently performs at the Kenya National Theatre and the National Museum every last Thursday and Friday of every month respectively. The team has also been getting numerous invitations to perform in different platform and this has greatly improved the pupil’s self-confidence. In June the team was invited to perform in a kids program known as “Club Kiboko” which is aired by one of the national main stream media known as KTN Tv.
Maji Mazuri Teens Group

Green Heroes: The team continues with their weekly garbage collection activity in the community every month. Through this activity the team is able create awareness and educate the community on importance of protecting our environment and best ways to manage their waste.The team has also formed a saving group to help its members mobilize savings for future investment as a team.

Maji Mazuri Youth Group: The program continues to empower youth socially and economically through organizing capacity building programs to equip the youth with relevant job market skills as well as life skills to enable them connect to the job market or become entrepreneurs.
During the month of June the youth program conducted three Boot-camps focusing on self-branding, entrepreneurship and financial management. The youth program’s ICT training Centre is currently training 19 youth, who are pursuing Diploma in web design and development.
Maji Mazuri Youth Group
On 15th July the youth group in collaboration with Ghetto foundation and Showbit foundation held a community peace concert within Mathare constituency to preach peace ahead of the Kenyan general election. The event started with a peace walk in the community followed by a concert in one of the open field in the community and was crowned by a community screening later in the evening.
The youth members needs support in scholarships to enable them pursue higher education since most of them are facing financial challenges. The group also needs funds to support its activities which continue to greatly impact the community.
Youth Peace Concert
Thank you for making a difference!

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