Spirit Champ

By Maji Mazuri

As Spirit Champ, you’ll actively engage, support and encourage our outside community, from donors to fundraisers to volunteers to strangers looking to learn more about Maji Mazuri. You’ll also work directly with our team, to support our staff and office operations. You’ll occasionally get the chance to help in our Digital, Creative and Development staff, volunteers and partners, when they need your help and input on thanking Maji Mazuri supporters. 


  • Respond to email inquries and requests.
  •  Help us support our awesome individual fundraisers.
  • Offer ideas, respond to questions,  provide info and donor support wherever it’s needed.
  •  Assist in running our volunteer program; brainstorm new initiatives and help in Volunteer outreach.
  •  Come up with and execute ideas to thank rockstar fundraisers and donors.
  •  Handle admin and customer service tasks like answering phones, giving office tours to guests, etc.
  •  Help organize fun activities for visitors and volunteers.
  •  Create and implement new initiatives that will improve the Maji Mazuri experience.


You’re a people person.

You’re comfortable nurturing the Maji Mazuri experience and interacting with a wide range of donors and supporters. You enjoy helping and talking to new people. You love making people feel special.

You’re a mover and a shaker.

You’re eager to learn and inspired to change the world. You’re committed to Maji Mazuri’s mission and passionate about positive social change.

You’re articulate, direct and professional.

You’re more than capable of providing information concisely and effectively to everyone reaching out to Maji Mazuri for help. You make sure you know the situation or data inside and out before communicating it to donors or staff.

You ask questions.

You don’t assume. You’re not afraid to say you don’t know or to ask for help. You see critique as a good thing and hope to learn from it.

You have the basics down pat.

You’re a positive person. Your upbeat attitude can bring more happiness to everyone who interacts with us and also help the Maji Mazuri office run smoothly.

You’re independent and self-motivated.

You’re confident and capable of representing Maji Mazuri. You can handle a bunch of tasks without constant supervision.

You are an activator.

You see something wrong and you initiate the best action to fix it. You recognize a way to make something more efficient and go for it!

You are creative and unique.

Our team is always looking for new ways to inspire and motivate Maji Mazuri staff, donors, volunteers and fundraisers. You have ideas that fit within the Maji Mazuri brand and you’re on fire to help our team implement them.


We’re looking for someone to start ASAP. We ask that you work 15+ hours a week.


This is an unpaid internship but is an exceptional opportunity to gain development experience at an international non-profit with an ambitious mission. And we can work with your institution to give you academic credit for your experience. We’ll provide you professional development training through various workshops where available.


Please submit a cover letter and resume to info@majimazuri.org.