Past a fog of challenges to greatness

By Janet Kabue

Kevin Ajode is an avid writer, poet and afro soul musician based in Nairobi, Kenya. Born twenty four years ago, he openly enjoys the world of creativity which is evident in his current work. Some of his poetry works have already been included in an upcoming book and his band is enjoying the pleasure of their music playing in Ajondea prominent radio station.

Currently, he works as an online writer and doubles up as the treasurer of Majimazuri Youth Group, a position he has held since 2013. His passion for environment drew him to join Green Heroes; an environmental project conducted by the youth group. The main goal of the project is to see a clean environment in Mathare slum and its environs.

Kevin has plans of initiating an art model due to start in four months time. In partnership with the organization V.O.C.A.L (voices of change all over), he plans to mentor youngsters with passion in music, drama, poetry and any other form of art that suits their ability.

In his free time he enjoys reading books, cycling, playing guitar and swimming. As the maxim goes… the sky is the limit, Kevin’s future is seemingly bright as he walks himself past a fog of challenges to greatness.

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