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I grew up on the jersey shore and get most of my inspiration from the ocean. I did spend one amazing year in Montana and loved it. I am kind of all over the place and love art and sports. While I love the concept of PhotoVideoLife and I think there are some great templates available there, the site can be a little frustrating to use. The site doesn’t support video previews at this time, so you only have a few frame shots of each template to look at before deciding if you want to download or not. Plus, before you can download a template, you have to add it to a shopping cart (even if the template is free) and then wait for an email with your download link.

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In order to become more comfortable with Air Traffic Control (ATC) interactions, it helps to understand the job of the controller. The single biggest problem between controllers and pilots is a mutual lack of understanding of each other capabilities. Controllers are not magicians who can read your mind and predict your intentions.

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Looking back now to those 4 years they seem like a blur, I kept moving get from one place to another as my schedule dictated, but I was not really living, It was really important to me that I graduated in 4 years. It was one of my personal goals. I am by far my worst critic; no one can beat up on me the way I beat up on myself.

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