Enable Economic Empowerment

Change a life today with just $25‎

The ability to make an honest living is crucial to self respect. With such an income comes the ability to feed and educate your children, and guide them as they grow to become fully rounded contributors to society. Wanjiku had this critical insight over 20 years ago and started the micro business loan program.

This economic empowerment program is called Mavuno, meaning ‘harvest’ in Swahili, and now has over 150 members.

3360723208_5a5251c5be_o The goal of this project is provide basic tools and critical assistance to help families improve their lives in a meaningful way and end the cycle of poverty. It is a cooperative of entrepreneurs who, through a self-replenishing fund, are able to take small loans and start a business. The group holds meetings to share business experiences. Each member of the group is able to provide others with support and act as a sounding board for ideas on how to improve their businesses. As the individuals find success, they pay back their loans and are able to take loans from the fund in higher amounts.

Loans start at the modest amount of 5,000 Kenya shillings, about US $50, and are for 6 months. As members complete the repayment of their loans, they qualify for successively larger amounts, up to the current maximum of 25,000 Kenya shillings, or about US $330.

Recently, a separate program – Mavuno Youth – has been set up to cater for the special needs of young people as they learn to become economically self sufficient in small businesses. These loans start as low as $25.

Change a life with a hand up, not a hand out. Make a loan to an entrepreneur across the globe.

By supporting a member you gave them access to:

  • Business capital for merchandise and equipment
  • Tertiary training as needed
  • Business coaching