My Journey with Maji Mazuri

By Janet Kabue

George Okoth – Administrator, Headstart School

GeorgeI joined Maji Mazuri Youth Group in June 2012, as a member and became the chairman in 2013. In early January 2014 I was employed as an assistant administrator at Maji Mazuri Headstart Academy. To date I am fairing on well with my duties and obligations. I have gained a lot of confidence and social skills by working closely with different people. By taking on my roles seriously I have become more professional and responsible for myself and the people I relate with.

In the next few years I am very positive Maji Mazuri Centre International will rise as a National Leadership and Talent Hub for the youth. Due to the massive talent in the youth and leadership programs taught, many are going to be the next trend and pace setters of the nation. Hayawi

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