Maji Mazuri’s February 2014 Update

By Maji Mazuri


Commissioning of a new classroom

Aziz Arrouchdi & friends fundraised to have a much needed classroom built at the Maji Mazuri Children’s Centre ahead of the Centre’s plan to offer Special Education Training to the community as a course. Maji Mazuri thanks Aziz and the Netherlands community of friends who supported this venture.

The classroom will go a long way in easing and aiding the special needs children quest for vocational training and also bridge the need for the proposed Maji Mazuri Institute slotted to begin operations in the third quarter of the year.


Linkages with the Community

The Children’s Centre has established linkages with the office of the District Officer of Kasarani area who acknowledged that the Government is aware of the good work that the Children’s Centre is doing and will sponsor a child from the Centre for high school education and continue giving food supplies when available.


Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy

The Physiotherapy and Occupational therapy unit at the Children’s Centre received a total of 120 visits in the month of February. The center served 71 in-patient children, and a further 49 children from the surrounding local community. Three of the children were new entrants to the sessions. The Children’s Centre continues to receive positive responses from the community on the impact the physiotherapy has made.

Maji Mazuri Children’s Centre takes this opportunity to thank CFC Stanbic bank for having generously offered to refurbish the dormitory floors. Laying of tiles was successfully completed at the maximum care dormitory, girl’s dormitory, special education classroom and the bathroom. The dormitory is much brighter now and provides a stimulating, safe and clean environment for the children.

Before & After

Maji Mazuri in Mathare

The youth Information Computer Technology training Centre in Mathare has from this month opened its doors to a larger number of youth than previous years to increase the outreach and impact of the Project to the Community. After receiving additional computers from Tools to Work, the Centre was able to take 32 more youth. The ICT Centre gives the youth an opportunity to gain skills that will help them build a better life for themselves.

Once such person is Benson Mukangu who started his ICT journey at the training Centre before joining Nairobits ICT Trainers and has gone on to win an award. Bernard developed, an SMS scheduler application that allows the automatic sending of personalized text messages on pre-scheduled dates to make sure users don’t forget important dates.The Appstar Challenge is a mobile apps competition organized by Safaricom and Vodafone (Mobile Service Providers). 1,070 apps were developed by participants from Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa and India and Benard’s app emerged as best and he received an award of $12,000. Maji Mazuri congratulates Benard for this achievement.

The Green Heroes environmental initiative of the youth is in the process of registering as a Community based organization (CBO) so that the project can invest the award money the group received for organizing a communal clean-up day in Mathare Valley. The youth plan to continue environmental conservation initiatives in Mathare Valley and beyond.

Maji Mazuri Headstart School in Mathare is growing in leaps and bounds, at the end of February the school had a total student population of 386 pupils and addition from the month of January where the population was 355 pupils. The school also participated in the County non-formal schools games competition emerging position 2 out of 23 . Go team go.

Maji Mazuri in Kiserian

Construction of a new kitchen is ongoing; this is after the St Peter’s Church, Berkhamsted UK funded the project, in a bid to have a proper facility for preparing meals for the children.

The school has received new students in High School who sat for the end of year Primary School examinations last year.

The farm currently has maize, cabbages, spinach, tomatoes and green peppers planted for the purposes of feeding the children and generating income.


Sponsorship for education is changing lives.

It is a joy to watch the children grow and learn, and graduate to high school and college. One of the students who graduated from high school in December 2013 wrote a letter to Maji Mazuri, quoted here in part “I joined Maji Mazuri in 1998 as a very young boy and since then I have learnt a lot… if it was not for your organization I would have been called a street boy and that is why I a taking a paper and a pen to really appreciate you”

Through your sponsorship support, you made this possible. We are very grateful to you for your continued support, which is making a huge, positive difference.

Maji Mazuri would like to appreciate all the friends and supporters who sponsor children for education. The sponsorship provides an opportunity to children to have a chance at a better life.

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