Maji Mazuri’s Appeal to You

By Maji Mazuri Kenya

Greetings from the Maji Mazuri Centre International (MMCI) – Kenya Family.

We would like to first thank you for your continued support over the years. We are grateful to you, because you have frequently provided funds and support in many ways, which has enabled Maji Mazuri to transform the lives of people in poverty on a massive scale since 1984.  Your financial assistance helps Maji Mazuri Kenya provide food, shelter, education and empowerment to our beneficiaries. In addition, The funds have frequently supported the three MMCI programs at the Kasarani Children’s Centre, Mathare and Kiserian, paying utility bills and the salaries for the service givers i.e staff.

MMCI appreciates your financial assistance and the value you add to the accomplishment of the goals and objectives of transforming the community through better livelihoods and sustainable development. When we change a life, we change the world.

For the past one year, Maji Mazuri has been experiencing financial challenges. There has been significant reduction in funding for specific activities and general donations. With this in mind, Maji Mazuri gradually put in place measures in each project to reduce costs, such as leasing out two projects (the clinic and Kiserian schools), consolidating operations, moving the central office to the children’s centre, having teams work in projects together and as a last resort, programs inter borrowing. We have also borrowed from friends. MMCI has facilitated all efforts to ensure effective and efficient implementation of activities despite the limited resources at our disposal. The management team also came up with a social entreprise business plan that over a period of time, will ensure that each project continues to accomplish its mission sustainably, with a steady flow of income.

With the dedicated team of staff and despite reduction in number, we have been able to run with the challenges, up to this point where it is no longer possible. Maji Mazuri has been experiencing dire financial constraints to the point of being unable to pay staff salaries. This month some staff received half salaries and others are yet to be paid. We are sending out an appeal for support as we work towards making a sustainable decision.

We have made significant cut-backs. Projects that were once ran by 5 are now run by 2 people – who are often spread across multiple projects. Our desire is to retain the staff and projects that we have. The remaining members of staff are key to implementation and the sustainable growth of the organization. One of our greatest fear is losing people and having to start over. This will affect our ability to effectively reach out to our beneficiaries, which is a cycle that we are in now. We do not have the funds to run each project effectively.

Our greatest and first concern has been to ensure that the services that we give are not compromised. We have worked tirelessly to ensure that the organization runs, the children are educated, fed,and taken care of. With time however, I am afraid that the staff motivation is running low. The crisis we currently have has put us in a situation where we can no longer run the projects effectively and still pay salaries. We appeal for your support as we collectively work on a way forward. We currently need Kshs 1,500,000 a month for food, salaries and utilities to keep the projects running. Please donate.

Again we highly appreciate your continued support and commitment towards Maji Mazuri.

Kind regards,

Wanjiku Kironyo,

Executive Director


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