Maji Mazuri Youth Group & Opportunities

By Janet Kabue


I was born in a family of two my mother taking the whole role of raising us up. All in all we made due. My brother and I are independent folks in terms of catering our needs and bills. Currently I reside in Bahati Makadara – such a cool place to be. Our home church is not far away – I attend regularly.

I love being part of a community based youth group – Maji Mazuri where  I have built my social skills. Excelling and pushing for my dreams is something fundamental that I have held on to. That’s why I strive to polish my talents and skills.

These include: art type of writing and public speaking. I have a collection of my writings in my  diary by my bedside and share some in my twitter handle.


To access wisdom and knowledge from the various aspects of life, both from my field of practice & interactive sectors. This will help reach a sustainable & reasonable life.


  • Was a secretary of Maji Mazuri youth group for two terms.
  • Also became their chairman for one term. This was a great experience that will help me on my growth path in life.

I spend my free time tweeting short poems and writing articles. Also love reading online articles & studying poems. Lately I’ve been reading and Currently I am an entrepreneur. I like business. Also in the month of April I will be completing college where I studied hotel and catering. I hope to to continue this adventure  and achieve a lot in this life.  It is a competitive life. Thank you.

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