Maji Mazuri March Update

By Maji Mazuri

Maji Mazuri Children’s Centre Partnerships

picture_596x290Maji Mazuri Children’s Centre gave a platform to 7 students from Kenyatta University studying Theatre, Arts and Technology to shoot a documentary. The documentary covered the daily running of the Centre and will be used as a tool of creating awareness on the needs of the children. This year the Children’s Centre has also had three students from various Universities and colleges volunteering at the Centre to get on the job training. All have committed to be ambassadors of the home in their learning institutions.

Maji Mazuri would also like to thank Ian Mbugua and the Brookhouse School BTEC Music Class for their support. The class composed a song that will be used in Maji Mazuri promotional videos.

The Nairobi City Council, a local governing authority has given the children’s Centre plenty of support through donations of food supplies especially fruits and vegetables. A healthy meal is vital to the children’s development.

The Rotary Clubs of Nairobi organized a day of entertainment for physically and mentally challenged children from various schools. The children were entertained throughout the day with music, dancing, singing, rally car racing and interaction. Children from Maji Mazuri Children’s Centre participated at the event.

Maji Mazuri in Kiserian

Maji_Mazuri_in_Kiserian_Farm This season, the farm has a healthy crop of maize and vegetables for sale and feeding the children. Through the farm tractor, the project is creating links with the community. This is happening through ploughing and harrowing their farms at a fee. The pastoralist community is embracing farming as a means of livelihood.

The Primary and Secondary School, which were started to address the education needs of children from the local Maasai community and vulnerable children from Mathare Valley and environs, continues to offer holistic education.

The school is also reaching out to the Maasai community through the Scouts movement. This month the school held an environmental event with the aim of sensitizing the community on the need for environmental conservation and the importance of education.

Youth Program

Youth_Program_SportsThe group held a football tournament on 30th March 2014 to foster peace in the community. The theme of the peace event was “Building peace through networking and sports”. The event reached out to the various youth group in the area as the custodians of peace especially in the upcoming by elections. The group also held team building, Life skills training and capacity building forums.

Green_HeroesThe Green Heroes registered officially as a Community Based Organization and are now ready to invest the World Environment day award funds.

The Teens group conducted four life skills training workshops for the children. In Partnership with Dignitas Project four teachers from Headstart Academy will attend capacity building training for teachers during the school break.

Special Education

Kasarani_Special_Needs_Bead_WorkThe children are perfecting their skills in beadwork, weaving and knitting. Beading has strong developmental benefits for children with special needs including grasping, in-hand manipulation, visual perceptual skills etc. The different sizes of beads promote different grasps. Larger beads often promote the “3-jaw chuck” grasp, similar to holding a large pencil or marker. Smaller beads encourage children to use their pincer grasp, thus strengthening the small muscles of their hands. Many components of making a beaded craft increase strength and coordination in the small hand and finger muscles. For example, picking a bead up from the beading tray, and then manipulating it in one’s hand until it is pinched between your thumb and finger, involves translation, shift and rotation movements of the bead within the hand.

Beading also improves visual scanning and memory – the child must be able to remember the beading pattern to determine the bead they want to use. Once they know what bead they want, visual discrimination assists them in selecting the bead that fits their mental image of the desired bead. Finally, the child must scan across many different beads before finding the desired bead. In addition this exercise has a very positive effect on their self esteem.

We sincerely appreciate your continued support and commitment towards Maji Mazuri. May the Almighty God enrich your lives eternally. God bless!


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