Maji Mazuri’s January 2014 Update

By Maji Mazuri

Dear Friend,

Happy New Year and greetings from Maji Mazuri! We thank you as we continue in this journey together.

In November and December 2013, students from the Maji Mazuri Schools sat for the end of Primary School education examinations, which prepare them for high school. Maji Mazuri is happy to report that the students performed well as follows:

Headstart School.

The results are out of a possible 500 marks.

1. Ng’endo Peter Mwaura 351
2. Kibunja Risper Wanjiru 338
3. Omondi Joseph Okoth 333
4. Oyando Aggrey Oniang’o 311
5. Opondo Shealtel Awino 309
6. Shikoli Saiber Khatiala 268
7. Ayieko Lucas Otieno 264
8. Mwia Esther Mueni 254
9. Obunga Carolyne Amimo 253
10. Nasla Harriet 239

Other highlights from the school:

The school’s population has grown from 294 to 355 this year. The school also plans to start offering free computer classes to the students. The increased intake reaffirms the faith that the Mathare community has in the school, and Maji Mazuri appreciates this and commits to continue making a difference in the lives of these children.

Thank you for supporting the Maji Mazuri Headstart School.

Maji Mazuri Kiserian Schools

The school provides hope to children from Maasai land and surrounding communities. The table below lists the performance of the end of primary school examinations candidates. The school certificate ensures that these children proceed to high school and improve their lives and that of their families. The high school is looking forward to an intake of more girls in the month of February as the Ministry of education issues the end of high school examination results towards the end of January.

1. Mutunkei Daniel Letoya 353
2. Mwaako William Matunke 344
3. Muthoni Joseph Njoroge 339
4. Nyambura Joseph Kamau 322
5. Mburu John Chege 316
6. Abidol Lorein Ideal 312
7. Kilukeiglin Selian 270
8. Jilal Rose Nashipae 269
9. Ndungu John Githua 267
10. Mutahi Evans Muthara 265
11. Kimani Josephine Wacera 250
12. Kinuthia Mary Wambui 250
13. Gikonyo Leah Wangui 246
14. Maina Michael Githenya 244
15. Simenkur Cecilia Aso 225
16. Melli Collin Siamito 217
17. Wambui Rose Waithera 208
18. Sipoi Nasei 197
19. Kamau John Kakanja 193
20. Irungu Janet Muthoni 161
21. Mainko David Sankale 143

Maji Mazuri appreciates your support towards the sponsorship for education programme, which continues to make a lasting positive difference in the lives of these children.

Maji Mazuri Farm

The farm currently has a healthy crop of bananas, tomatoes, green vegetables and tomatoes. The produce feeds the children, assists in learning as part of their agriculture lessons and generates income towards running of the farm. The farm also continues to be a model to the society in relation to agriculture and livestock rearing.

The school and farm this month received guests from the Rotary family. The Germany District Governor, Frank Ehlers visited accompanied by his wife and the Kenyan Rotarians.

Mavuno Microfinance

Maji Mazuri is happy to report that the Mavuno Microfinance has successfully transitioned into Pamoja Achievers Sacco (Savings and Credit Cooperative Organisation) that is run by the members. Mavuno has for years given the women and men of Mathare valley the opportunity to achieve their own sustainable businesses, the microfinance made it possible for individuals who lack borrowing security to be able to access loans. Over 300 residents of Mathare and environs benefited from Mavuno in the year 2013. The small loans have enabled them to set up small businesses and generate income for themselves and their families. The Sacco increases the group’s lending base, making it possible to get training and funding support from the government and other financial institutions, thus increasing the impact base in Mathare Valley and beyond.

Pamoja achievers Sacco will further provide the opportunity for the women and men of Mathare valley to improve their livelihoods.

Maji Mazuri Children’s Centre

The Children’s Centre over the December period got numerous visitors from local organizations and well wishers, and established lasting relationships. Kasarani Aquatic Centre committed to be offering free swimming pool access to the children and they had their first swimming trip this month. This not only cheers them up but is also a form of therapy for the children with physical challenges. Subaru Motors took up the cooking fuel bills for the Centre for the whole of this year and paid for the same. The Centre is also receiving support from the media where a local newspaper carried an appeal for the Centre’s water bill.

The Centre had four end of Primary School examinations Candidates, under the Kiserian Schools, the students performed well and look forward to proceeding to high school.

Maji Mazuri Children’s Centre celebrates the progress of each child, and of highlight this month is Ali* who joined the Centre in the year 2012. Ali has never uttered a word due to trauma, until this month when he finally gained enough confidence under the loving care of the entire Centre to speak out.

Maji Mazuri Youth group and the ICT training Centre.

The youth group members retreated in the month of December to the coastal town of Mombasa. Not only is this a time of rest and bonding, it is also time to review the year, give feedback and plan for the coming year. Top among the topics of discussion this year is income generating activities for the youth, and sourcing for scholarships for post high school training.

The ICT Centre has significantly grown, having reached an agreement with the training partner, Nairobits, to increase the number of students in a bid to increase the outreach of the much needed training. The Centre will take an additional 32 young people per intake. This also means the Centre moves a step closer to sustainable impact.

Maji Mazuri looks forward to a positive year, impacting communities.

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