Maji Mazuri “Good Water”

By Lilian MMC

make a difference - Majimazuri - kids togetherMaji Mazuri meaning good waters is not just an ordinary NGO. It’s an organization that is genuinely focused on doing “good” – from a good children’s centre to a good farm; good well wishers to good staff; good schools to good youth groups, the good that gets around is endless.

When I first stepped at Maji Mazuri as an employee, I looked at my work during orientation and thought solid professionalism should define my work. Over the period I have come to understand that working at this organization more than that. It is working for a good cause. This organization has given me a chance not just to grow my career, but also to grow in my heart of love and compassion, and give back to the society which brings out the “good” feeling in me.

I’m particularly passionate about Headstart CBO (a primary school) which has been good news not only to the organization as a whole, but also to the pupils and their parents/guardians. With its location in the slums of Mathare – Nairobi, its pupils have access to education at a subsidized cost and enjoy a meal during school hours. Seeing a smile on the face a beneficiary of such a project, who wouldn’t want to associate themselves with such a good cause?

make a difference - Majimazuri - kiserian I also get inspiration from Maji Mazuri Children’s Centre which accommodates vulnerable and special needs children. It has helped restore hope for the children through education and accommodation. There is this young girl who visits the Centre since her brother is one of the special children at the home. I have grown to admire her a lot. She comes around and just spends time with the special children; playing with them, moving them on wheelchairs and doing small chores.  Her actions are a constant reminder that no child’s merit should be determined by the way his or her muscles move, how his brain works or whether he or she looks and speaks in the way that people typically look and speak. She shows how these children with special needs can move people in the world to do good and make a difference in the world.

Maji Mazuri School and Farm in Kiserian are also a product of “good” support received from well wishers. This growth plan is aimed at supporting the other Maji Mazuri projects through food supply and providing education for the children.

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