Maji Mazuri gets “Outstanding Organization’ Award

By Janet Kabue

For the first time ever in the history of Mathare Valley,  leaders from the community came up with an initiative to honor and appreciate different individuals, groups and organizations working tirelessly in the community towards positive transformation and development.  This initiative was dubbed “MATHARE HEROES AWARDS 2015” with a slogan “celebrating our own”. Being the first event of its kind in Mathare everyone in the community was very excited and looked forward  to the day of the event, which was 12th Dec 2015.


On the other hand the organizing committee had a great task in identifying different individuals, groups and organizations working in the community and grouping them into different categories based on the nature of their service or work they do for nomination purpose. At the end of it the committee came up with numerous categories under which individuals, groups and organizations were nominated for the Awards. Some of these categories were; Best outstanding organization, best peace ambassadors, role models, leadership, sports, best music artist, media, entrepreneurship among many others.

Maji Mazuri stood out by being nominated in two categories first under BEST OUTSTANDING ORGANIZATION and secondly under BEST PEACE AMBASSADORS. This was a great excitement and motivation to us. Each individual, group or organization nominated was then given a unique code for people to vote for them. The one who emerged with the highest votes would be announced as the winner during the celebration.

On the celebration day people from all over Mathare and invited guests filled the Liberty Auditorium in Pangani where the event was hosted. Everyone was very excited and looked forward to the awards ceremony. The time came for the awards and everyone was anxious as different nominees in different categories were called and winners announced.

Then the BEST OUSTANDING ORGANIZATIONS category nominees were called, I felt anxious and excited at the same time as I walked to the dais. 5 organizations had been nominated for this category and we all lined up on the stage as we waited the announcement with bated breath. Then the master of ceremony announced MAJI MAZURI ORGANIZATION as the winner amid cheers from the crowd. This made my day as I jumped up with joy and happiness.

To all our friends, well-wishers and donors we dedicate this achievement to you for always believing in us through your support and donations which has gone long way in making a difference in the lives of many in our community. By winning this award it is a clear feedback from the community that they appreciate our work and services all made possible by your support.  THANK YOU. Daniel Wambua.

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