Maji Mazuri Community Centre

By Janet Kabue

In 2008, fundraising started for building a 30,000 square foot community center on 5 floors to bring together the Maji Mazuri’s programs under one, safe and secure roof. $2 million was needed to complete the project and establish an endowment fund to maintain the facility in the years to come. As at 31st December 2013, the construction fund account had $113,340, funds that have been donated by friends and supporters of the Organization’s work in Mathare Valley. This has enabled construction of the foundation and first four rooms, and the rooms were let to raise funds to continue the construction. Currently the next four rooms, and a Community hall are under construction. The youth group also runs an internet café and restaurant at the Community Center.
Youth Cafe and Cyber IMG_20160530_140435
IMG_20160530_141056 IMG_20160218_130232