Lifelong Learning Experiences at Maji Mazuri

By Rosenell

by Rosenell Nyakinyua

Maji Mazuri has taught me a lot especially on fundraising. It is also so amazing to see people of diverse cultures and races give back to support a cause. It has been a lifelong learning process and the testimonies from the donors after giving are just amazing. I have heard not one but many instances of individuals and families who set out to give back to society and they say they are not looking back. Majority say that they have not lacked since they started to give back to society. It is a shared joy for all the participants; the children smiling, the giver and the organization at large as we get to impact on vulnerable people who would otherwise be on the streets begging. ‘A smile of a child is a hope that tomorrow will be better.”

One of the biggest joy in serving at Maji Mazuri is seeing a success story and looking back to see where the child has come from. For instance one beneficiary of Maji Mazuri children’s Centre by name Victor Ali is one such success story. He joined Maji Mazuri as a very shy boy always fearful and almost in tears daily and never giving you direct eye contact. He has been cared for, shown love and it has taken a lot of team work to get him to what he is today. Today he is a jovial boy schooling at Carnini Beehive School in Athi River and currently in Nursery school after graduating from baby class in the same school. Victor had been taught in a Special class setting at Maji Mazuri Children’s Centre and achieved a lot within a time span of only two years thus necessitating the need for him to graduate to formal learning.

About the writer

7As a young girl passionate about writing in early years the passion for reporting and telling stories became so profound that I thought of making a career from it. “What about being paid for something you love doing and do not tire as you do?” I asked myself back then. That was my main starting point and each and every day was a day to make myself better in writing coupled with reading a lot of story books, newspaper articles and over time novels.

Today as we speak I am a holder of the journalist of the year due to the story covered in the Kenyan TV station; K24 weekly series ‘Newsmakers’ as we covered an outstanding organization that believes in Making a Difference for the less fortunate by name Maji Mazuri with various projects spread all over Kenya. The project highlight was their rehabilitation works for the mentally and physically challenged. I am also a nominee for the upcoming Journalist of the year in 2014/2015 and I believe that this is the Year of Unlimited favour.

Besides work I enjoy watching movies, reading books and my main work out is either swimming or household chores and I am more of a DIY kind of a person, a people’s person who believes strongly in being humble, and a great listener.

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