Life and Choices

By Janet Kabue

My name is Befrey Musavi Barasa. I was born on 4th September 1990 at Pumwani maternity hospital in Nairobi. I was raised and schooled in Huruma estate Nairobi.

Befrey Musavi I attended Salama primary school.

I was a monitor from class six to eight of which I had the responsibility of securing school property by opening the door and closing it after school, ensuring there was order in class and keeping the teachers and pupils’ books organized. I attended Ndururuno Secondary School where I got introduced to new subjects that made it interesting. I also made great friends and have been social with my colleagues.

I believe that life is about choices. My choice was to attend Nairobits Trust where I did graphic and web design.  That has enabled me to acquire knowledge. I also made a choice to join Maji mazuri youth group that has enabled me to interact with my peers, build my self esteem, network and to enhance my leadership skills. I was the vice chair lady.

I want to further my studies get a degree in computer science, empower the community with my skills and train people to make them employable thus giving back to the community.

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