Headstart School is Fundraising for a Permanent School Structure

By Janet Kabue

Maji Mazuri Headstart Academy is an informal school started in 2004 in Mathare Valley. With a population of 564 pupils, the School is a very unique because it operates as a learning institution, feeding program and nurtures talent from a tender age. The school targets vulnerable children who would otherwise not have access to education and other basic needs in life. Maji Mazuri is fundraising for a permanent school structure. Construction of a spacious and permanent school structure will give more children from Mathare Valley access to a conducive learning atmosphere. Providing these children with quality education will ensure that they escape the cycle of poverty and have a hopeful future. This impact will change the lives of the people of Mathare Valley, one family at a time.

For more information please watch the video below, write to us:mmc@sedsmmc.org