Ways to Get Involved

By Maji Mazuri Kenya

Through your participation, we can successfully accomplish the Maji Mazuri mission of alleviating poverty by empowering people to bring about change in their own lives.

Make a donation

Maji Mazuri Center greatly appreciates any form of donation you can provide. There is a great need for many different types of items including medicine, clothing, books, wheelchairs, shoes etc. If you have specific supplies you think could be helpful, please contact us. You can also make cash contributions by clicking donate now.


There are many volunteer opportunities available for compassionate and dedicated people. No experience is needed… only an open mind and a willingness to help! For more information on volunteer opportunities at one of Maji Mazuri Center’s projects, visit our volunteer page. For everything you need to know before you go, we’ve created an FAQ with some information you need to volunteer in Kenya. Feel free to contact our team if you have any additional questions.

Give a Good Card

You choose the amount … they choose the cause. Your friends, family, customers and employees all have their favorite causes. Maji Mazuri has lots of projects they can plug into. By giving them a Maji Mazuri Good Card, you show them you care and that their passion is your passion. The Maji Mazuri Good Card is the perfect way to say thank you or to celebrate holidays, birthdays, graduations and other momentous occasions and make a meaningful impact.

Become a sponsor

One mission of Maji Mazuri is to support and empower hundreds of orphans and vulnerable children to lead successful and productive lives. By helping a child get a good education we give them a shot, a chance to experience the fullness of life. Please sponsor a child today. If you need additional information contact us at info[at]majimazuri.org.

Host a speaker

One of our volunteers will gladly speak to your civic organization, community group, congregation or school. Or let us know if there are like minded community events, gatherings, street fairs, festivals, concerts etc in your area. We’d love to be part of it!

Invite friends over

Invite a few friends over to your home for an evening of uncommon conversation and contribution… then commit to do something truly outside yourself so you can enjoy your dirt nap… Or take a trip to Kenya. We will guide you every step of the way!

Get your company involved

Invite your coworkers, employees, clients or partners to invest in our community through customized employee volunteer projects. Gather a team to create and implement a project. We can help you design a day of service. Contact us.

Become an online volunteer

Want to create action? Want to be a part of something big? Join the Maji Mazuri online volunteer team and make your mark on your community! Our online volunteers help build and shape the Maji Mazuri global community using outreach, communication, video, sharing and research skills to achieve the Maji Mazuri mission of alleviating poverty by empowering people to bring about change in their own lives. If you are interested in joining the incredible group of online volunteers please contact us at info[at]majimazuri[dot]org

Become a campus ambassador

Wanna make a difference right in your own backyard? We are looking to support small, local events and parties that you may do at your school, business or any other group you are involved in. As an ambassador you will be able to connect with others who are passionate about global change and social justice, talk about meaningful issues and start fundraisers in your school or community to make a difference.

If you are in high school or college you will get great resume experience. You will learn how to organize, make decisions, and implement your own ideas. You will get to contribute to development while learning about other cultures, and most importantly, promote awareness of a major humanitarian need. We sincerely hope you decide to become an ambassador… the world needs your help. Let’s make a difference together!

Offer your expertise

If you are an expert in healthcare or education or can offer a service you think would be helpful please contact us. We also need experts in marketing, graphic design, public relations, communication, community organizing and social media. We are looking for creative individuals – people who are willing to help us think through ways we can be more efficient at grassroots development and tackling poverty, then roll up their sleeves and act.

Spread the word

Viral communication is the leveling field that allows us to get our message out with zero dollars. Help us spread the word on social media. By connecting with us on Facebook, Twitter or any social network of your choice and sharing information about what we are doing with your friends we can together help educate. Many people do not realize the magnitude of the challenges faced by the people Maji Mazuri strives to help. Your actions can create a success story. There’s alot of incredble work going on in Maji Mazuri and with our global community. If you see something impressive, say something. Spread the word.

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