Community Center Fund

By Maji Mazuri

We have made a great start towards achieving our goal of $2 million to build and equip a 30,000 square foot building which will house all of our existing programs – the Head Start school, with places for 350 children, the micro-business loan program, the Teens program and the youth Group – plus a new clinic, a community hall, a library, and an Internet café.

2 floors will provide modern, spacious classrooms, and we will have a large and secure playground on the roof. We will also open a new secondary school in the building. There will be an elevator for the disabled children, solar panels to generate electricity and a rain water harvesting system.

Major contributors to the fund so far include the Duara organization in the Netherlands, the Highbury Foundation in Canada, and the Maji Mazuri USA Board.

We are presently finalizing the purchase of some additional land adjacent to the main plot in order to be better able to accommodate the new secondary school.

Please take advantage of this unique opportunity to prove that, when Americans and others invest in well thought through, locally directed, development projects, there is a huge return in terms of economic, social and spiritual progress.

You can mail checks to Maji Mazuri USA, at 4783 Summerset Lane, Atlanta, Georgia 30338, or you can use the PayPal link right here on this web site. All donations are tax deductible in the USA, and 100% of you gift goes to Kenya. We make no charges for administration or fundraising.

* * *

Since 2005 Maji Mazuri USA has raised over $700,000 while incurring total expenses of less than 1% , and these are funded separately by our supporters. Maji Mazuri USA is a 501 c 3 not-for-profit organization recognized by the IRS.