Celebrating the Green Heroes

By Maria Mumoki

Maji Mazuri would like to celebrate the Green Heroes for their outstanding work in cleaning the environment.

The Green Heroes’ journey started in 2011 at Mathare Valley and is set to positively influence the green economy far and wide. The Green Heroes have purposed to transform Mathare valley through scheduled garbage collection and cleanups in the area. The results of Green Heroes’ efforts are evident from the cleaner streets at Mathare and more informed and hygienic activities carried out by the people living at Mathare Valley.

“…Mimi, mambo na mazingira naona ni muhimu kwasabau once umeenda ukachukua zile takataka uka zi recycle, una earn money…” – Member of the Green Heroes
Translation: “Matters to do with the environment are important to me because I can collect garbage and recycle them to earn money” – Member of the Green Heroes

The achievements from this vibrant youth group are far from small. In 2012, the Green Heroes won the United Nations World Environment day Challenge for organizing a communal cleanup day, a football match and a discussion on Green Economy in which over 2000 people were mobilized. They also received literature to educate them on environment conservation to help them in sensitizing their family friends and neighbors on the importance of a clean environment.

Here is a video that illustrates what motivates the youths of Green Heroes to clean the environment.

You can support the Green Heroes by donating or volunteering in any way to help them achieve even bigger dreams.

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