Celebrating 30 years of Service

By Cynthia Alwizer

Since 1984 Maji Mazuri has touched over 250,000 people.

We are incredibly proud of and humbled by this milestone, and more excited than ever to see how the continual evolution of our giving can positively impact communities, not just locally but globally.

What began as a simple idea has evolved into a powerful model helping address need, and also advancing health, education and economic opportunity for women, children and entire communities.

This year, we’re thrilled to be celebrating 30 years of service. To commemorate this significant event, we are making limited edition T-shirts in assorted styles and colors.

Help us vote for your favorite.

 The best way to support something you love is to wear it loud and proud! Order a T-shirt today.

Design and production of the Tshirts is fully funded by volunteers. 100% of the profits from these goods directly fund projects and help us grow.

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