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The powerful thing about taking action is you change the world and the world has a chance to change you. Through hands-on work experience, you’ll get the opportunity to expand your worldview, gain leadership skills, empathy, compassion, flexibility and adaptability as well as an opportunity to make a difference. A better world is yours to give. Be part of the solution. Join us – together we will transform lives.

When you volunteer at one of four Maji Mazuri projects you support real solutions and eliminate the obstacles to prosperity and empower people to transform their lives. Your volunteer work is driven by the community and its needs. You can make a meaningful impact on initiatives like education, health, food security, sustainable living with alternative income or clean water.

Connect with learners and leaders like you. Meet and work with community members locally or globally. You’ll understand the joys and challenges of changing the world and talk to incredible people who are proudly pioneering holistic initiatives.

Learn how a trip to Kenya changed Julia’s life.

Can’t make the trip to Kenya? You can still make a difference. Make a pledge and give the gift of a better world.


UPDATE 1. It’s been a week since the majimazuri.org/innovate launch, and I just want to say thanks to all those that have supported us this far and helped spread the word. 
It’s putting a little (a lot) more pressure on us to actually reach more people with meaningful solutions – so we are doing our best. 
Only a few more weeks now till the campaign ends! 


Thanks so much for the support - and for sharing the project.

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