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Give a Child a Head Start in Health, Hope and Education.

You can make lasting change in a child’s life by helping provide nutrition, health, childhood development and education – all for less than $1 a day. Contribute to start improving children’s lives today.

For $30 a month, you will make a difference in the life of a child in need of education. This caters for education in Primary (Elementary) School. $70 a month supports a child through high school.
Maji Mazuri provides education opportunities to children who otherwise would not have had the opportunity, thus providing holistic development to communities through education.

Change a life. Sponsor a child.

When Wanjiku began her work with women in Mathare Valley in the early 1980s she was confronted with the concerns they had about their children. Children in the slum have very little access to proper primary education and are at risk of becoming involved with crime or prostitution from a very young age.

6005561452_04a3e4e0c9_o Growing up in a marginalized environment with very few opportunities to build a life outside crime often contributes to a poor self image. They don’t believe they are able or deserve to have a life unmarked by dire poverty. Poverty, lack of hope and low self-esteem make them highly susceptible to peer pressure, and pariah’s who take them down apath of crime, drugs or alcohol addiction and prostitution.

Maji Mazuri initiated a youth program to provide youth with life-skills training, educational outings and counseling. Through this program Maji Mazuri youth have been able to discover and develop their talents and learn leadership skills. They have also gained exposure to people, knowledge and new environments. All these have enabled them to develop a positive self image. Many have become role models, mentors and community leaders and are now in a position to give back to the younger Maji Mazuri members.

In the course of the years, the youth program grew into an extensive education and talent program encompassing different ages (with separate groups for teenagers, adolescents and young adults) and both formal and informal educational pathways.

One of the main projects in the Education and Talent Development program is the Head Start School. The Headstart Project serves dual purposes of providing children with beginning education and a safe environment in which to stay while their parents are working. In addition, children get a nutritious meal at school.

Many children in Mathare Valley suffer from chronic malnutrition due to poverty. Children need nutritious food that helps them grow healthy and strong. And the younger they can get good, healthy food, the better. Kids who don’t eat enough can’t grow.

Sponsor a child

One of the best ways to make a difference is to sponsor a child. This commitment to a child is also a commitment to helping make a family better for life. Your sponsorship will provide food, healthcare, education and more to a child. It will help them escape poverty.

Pledge to sponsor a child.



UPDATE 1. It’s been a week since the majimazuri.org/innovate launch, and I just want to say thanks to all those that have supported us this far and helped spread the word. 
It’s putting a little (a lot) more pressure on us to actually reach more people with meaningful solutions – so we are doing our best. 
Only a few more weeks now till the campaign ends! 


Thanks so much for the support - and for sharing the project.

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