Save and Improve Lives Through Education and Talent Development

By Maji Mazuri Youth Group

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Maji Mazuri is committed to creating lasting change and helping more people reach their full potential. One way Maji Mazuri is saving and improving lives is through youth empowerment with education and talent development.

Support Youth Empowerment with Education.

The youth program developed naturally out of the micro-finance business initiative. Parents in income generating activities began getting worried about their teenage children who were increasingly getting involved in risky activities such as peddling drugs, prostitution, alcohol abuse and petty theft. It was therefore found necessary to provide counseling services to such children, some of whom were already jail birds or prison ex-convicts. The goal of the project was to help the youth improve the quality of their lives by working with each other, and with counselors, to acquire skills. The program is also designed to provide a conducive environment in which the youth can grow and develop into responsible adults.

3721453809_f4b056913f_oToday more than 80 youth are in the program. Over the years, leaders have emerged from this program. As they transition out of the youth group they become mentors and support the next generation.

The youth have developed a number of activities designed to help rehabilitate slum teenagers and help them develop as responsible citizens with dignity. Activities include peace promoting initiatives such as Stop the Bullet, Youth rehabilitation and microfinance, drama, peer counseling, education tours, Information Communication Technology (ICT) education, environmental responsibility awareness programs under the Green Heroes initiative which holds regular slum clean ups and recently won the World Environment Day Worldwide Challenge, community outreach awareness events, exchange programs, life skill training, and other income generating activities. Members of the program have been out of the country on several occasions to make presentations. The youth have also participated in sports competitions and won soccer competitions in various categories. 

Give Youth Scholarships

The members have shown that they are focused, disciplined, and future oriented. Many are anxious for opportunities to prove their potential but often lack finances or resources to support their endeavors. $4,040 is needed for scholarships this year. This amount will benefit 20 youth members. The group is efficiently run through a coordinator, and a committee. Having a scholarship fund will provide valuable opportunities to the youth members, empower them and turn their lives around.

Pledge to support a youth member

Empowerment give us confidence. Confidence gives us choices. Choices define us and allow us to realize our potential. When one of us succeeds in being the best they can be, all our lives are improved – we get the next best entrepreneur, entertainer, teacher, community activist, comedian, clinician etc. Extreme poverty robs the youth of this chance to be the best they can be.

By supporting a youth member you give them access to opportunity such as:

  • Tools and tuition
  • Textbooks and stationery
  • Small business start-up capital
  • Business coaching
  • Tertiary training

When you act to transform a life now, you change the course of their future and yours.

Pledge your support and save a life today.


UPDATE 1. It’s been a week since the launch, and I just want to say thanks to all those that have supported us this far and helped spread the word.
It’s putting a little (a lot) more pressure on us to actually reach more people with meaningful solutions – so we are doing our best.
Only a few more weeks now till the campaign ends and we can show off our amazing product! 


We have already funded 50% in less than 24hrs!
Thanks so much for the support - and for sharing the project.

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