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Women and Children are Socially Disadvantaged

Lack of fundamental resources has particularly detrimental social consequences to women and children.

Furthermore, in the rural areas of many developing countries, the girl child is not able to acquire an elementary education because they are required to work to provide each day for their family or village. She may have to walk even up to 5-miles to fetch water from a contaminated river, pond or stream. The containers used to transport water usually hold about 15 liters of water and weigh up to 15 kilograms. Such a physically difficult and time consuming responsibility means that these girls are not able to go to school due to fatigue or simply because they are not afforded the time.

In addition, many young women in these areas are marrying between the ages of 12 and 16 years. By keeping these women in school, they can become educated and potentially avoid marrying at such a young age. This ultimately benefits the local community as older, more educated women might opt for smaller, more economically manageable family sizes resulting in more moderate population growth and less pressure on available resources.

As surprising as it sounds, these positive changes all start with providing basic start-up resources to these families and their children so they can sustain safe and healthy lives and have the time and the strength to start and finish school.

The Power of A Woman

This inspiring story was shared with me by Deborah Rose-Milavec of Catherine of Siena Virtual College.

Catherine of Siena (1348-1380) was a lay woman, a member of the third order of Dominicans and a doctor of the Church (1970). Remembering Catherine’s legacy is dangerous business for it means leaving behind easy, convenient pieties and risking the pain that inevitably accompanies the work for justice and peace.

Catherine was a woman of service and prayer. She upheld the dignity of plague victims in her city caring for them while sick and burying those who had succumbed to the illness. With equal compassion she accompanied death row prisoners to their executions. She spoke her truth to all: from those in prison to those on papal thrones. Catherine was neither meek nor mild.

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Community Center Fund

We have made a great start towards achieving our goal of $2 million to build and equip a 30,000 square foot building which will house all of our existing programs – the Head Start school, with places for 350 children, the micro-business loan program, the Teens program and the youth Group – plus a new clinic, a community hall, a library, and an Internet café.

2 floors will provide modern, spacious classrooms, and we will have a large and secure playground on the roof. We will also open a new secondary school in the building. There will be an elevator for the disabled children, solar panels to generate electricity and a rain water harvesting system.

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Programs Intern

As a Programs Intern, you will help us manage projects data, report to donors, publish photos, the GPS of events as well as our completed projects online. You will work closely with our programs team to help us connect our donors to the  projects they have funded.

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Spirit Champ

As Spirit Champ, you’ll actively engage, support and encourage our outside community, from donors to fundraisers to volunteers to strangers looking to learn more about Maji Mazuri. You’ll also work directly with our team, to support our staff and office operations. You’ll occasionally get the chance to help in our Digital, Creative and Development staff, volunteers and partners, when they need your help and input on thanking Maji Mazuri supporters. 

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Multimedia Intern

As a Multimedia Intern, you’ll help share the endless stories that surround Maji Mazuri’s work. You’ll spend the bulk of your time transcribing, copy-editing, organizing media assets and interviewing Maji Mazuri supporters, but you’ll also have the chance to concept and produce a multimedia project or two of your own to run on our blog.

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Digital Community Intern

As the Digital Community Intern, you’ll help us manage our ever-expanding community of fundraisers on You’ll also get to research, analyze and help us recognize successful campaign ideas. As a main point of contact for our fundraisers, your suggestions and feedback will be valued and use by our Digital Director. 

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Development Intern

As a Development Intern, you’ll support our Development Team administratively. You’ll have a hand in helping us manage our donor relations, research and special events. 

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Maji Mazuri Launches $2 Million Appeal to Build a Community Center

Maji Mazuri Launches a $2 Million Appeal to Build a Community Center in the Mathare Valley Slum District of Nairobi, Kenya

Maji Mazuri in Mathare Valley
Imagine living here, in the Mathare Valley slum district of Nairobi, the capital of Kenya in East Africa. Imagine living in a tiny hut made of cardboard and scrap metal without clean water, without a toilet, without electricity. Sewage in the alley ways, garbage everywhere, no clinic, no public schools . . .

This is where Maji Mazuri (which means ‘clean water’ in Swahili) has been working for the past 20 years establishing a micro business loan program, a head start school, a program for young teens and a youth program. This is where, every day, we serve hundreds of children, youth and adults who are trying to escape from poverty, disease and crime.

And this where we are now poised to build a 30,000 square foot community center on 5 floors to bring together all these programs – and more – under one, safe and secure roof. You can be a key player to help make this happen.

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