Scaling the Heights of Education

By Rosenell

IMG_20150413_124618_0I am Rosemary Muthoni.

As the first born in a family of three and the only daughter of the family, I am accustomed to being around adults primarily. I grew up being always mature for my age even when together with my friends, at home and at school. I went to Warugara primary school where I did my K.C.S.E from and managed a B-. I joined Hiriga Girls for form 1 and 2. Later I joined Mayori High School for form 3 and 4. I am now at Mount Kenya University pursuing a journalism degree.

I grew up in a humble condition, and have been raised as a Christian. In my social environment, I always seek to understand and utilize my talents.

Being a member of the Maji Mazuri youth group has enhanced my talents and helped me to grow socially. My hobbies and talents include public speaking, debating, golfing, swimming and traveling. Also do a lot of writing including poems and articles. I am an avid reader and constantly seek to learn more new techniques. Success in my career would be the epitome of my achievements.


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